Panther God Announces Remix Contest for LP

Panther God's Golden Changes Remix Contest


1. Please like PG’s Facebook page here.
2. Download the stems on Soundcloud here.
3. Make your remix and submit it to the group right here by July 7th at midnight.

Peep the prizes.

1) A QuNeo MIDI Controller from KMI and a feature on the remix EP .
2) A Panther God shirt, Golden Changes CD and a VIP tickets to the next five PG shows
3) A features on the Circuitree Records blog of your remix, a PG shirt and cd.

Remixes will be selected by 3 men and a baby, and each will be properly digested for consideration.

Special thanks to Keith McMillen Instruments, Kent Hernandez, Grant Howell and Outside Recordings for their support dedication and sponsorship.


Preorder New Panther God Single

Circuitree Records is proud to announce the single, Dreamatone, from Panther God's forthcoming debut LP, Golden Changes (Outside Recordings).  It features two tracks, which represent the album's overall sound and vibe- a departure from his last string of releases, deeply rooted in hip hop and the whole left field "beats" movement spearheaded by luminaries like Nosaj Thing, Flying Lotus, and Dabrye.  We recently passed the advance copy to Thriftworks and got two big thumbs up and "full support."  Art by Kent Hernandez.

Dropping Jan.7th worldwide, but you can preorder the release and get the title track right now here.

Circuitree Records


1. Dreamatone
2. Samson

*Features additional production by Derrick Curtis, aka Deflon and Matt Hettich, aka Wake


Mindelixir - Why I'm Easy Remixes!

Why I’m Easy Remixes
Release: 12/18/2012
Art. by Kent Hernandez

1. Get Up
2. Future (heRobust Remix)
3. Why I’m Easy (Tokyo Hands Remix)

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Featuring 2 killer remixes and a bonus track, this is the addendum to an already powerful statement and reinvention of Mindelixir’s sound.  To celebrate his Why I’m Easy EP, William Schimel has cleverly enlisted two red hot producers- heRobust, and Tokyo Hands, for reinterpretations, and they both bring a new perspective to the originals.  

Schimel also drops another gem as a bonus track- the nearly 6 minute bass cannon workshop, “Get Up,” is an offering for the club with both muscle and dexterity.  The track is full of surprises- subtle pitched toms descend before an unabashed saw tooth makes itself known over a cavalcade of ever changing 808 patterns.  There are twists and turns in the composition, different voices come in and out to build a sense of narrative and momentum. Imagine a smoky club in the South, hot as hell, everyone dripping with sweat, wearing practically nothing, and you’re on your way to putting this track into words.

A virtual meteorite in the Trap and Bass scene lately, heRobust serves up a hefty banger with plenty of gorgeous synthwork and finely tuned edits of Schimel’s “Future.”  Hayden Kramer is obviously gifted with the remix abilities and he’s put his soul into this one.  Starting out like an updated Prince track, things get heavy in the low-end and funky on the chops.  This melding of the minds is a must hear!

Tokyo Hands takes “Why I’m Easy” and strips it down to percussion, reverb, and bass.  The claves rise and fall in pitch like chromatic hot air balloons that propel the track forward through an aquatic sky.  Soundtrack for squid like workers at a far off water purification factory.

All songs by William Schimel.  All rights reserved. Circuitree Records 2012
www.mindelixir.com / www.circuitreerecords.com
http://herobust.com /  https://soundcloud.com/tokyohands


Darker Than Black by DEFLON!

Darker Than Black
Release: 12/04/12

Art: Kent Hernandez

1. Tears
2. Ebony Grain
3. Reflections
4. Illluminations
5. Broken Bones ft. Meghan Tartamella
6. Sticks
7. The Murk
8. Darker Than Black
9. Land of The Arp


Sounding like some remake of a 70’s Psych Jazz album updated for space pod rides through Blade Runner territory, this 11 track LP shows Deflon aka Derrick Curtis developing wings and flying.  The synths bend and weave intelligent melodies while his beats chug and dance along like giant aeronautical machines.  Synthy gospel chords intermingle with 8 bit sounds that remind one of Metroid as scored by Herbie Hancock for a Kubrick odyssey. This LP is smoother than sex; a narcotic and aphrodisiac ideal for lovemaking and long car rides with your significant other. There’s love, pain, and longing here, but also intimations of a peaceful world in which Deflon serenades you with his beats and melodies, like a giant cosmic healer.  

Purchase Darker Than Black By Deflon Here!


Having gained the attention of everyone from Flying Lotus to 9th Wonder, Deflon is on a one way road to grace.  His soulful, yet futuristic blend of Synth driven R&B and instrumental Hip Hop, is both funky and forward leaning with references to the L.A. Beat Scene and beyond.  There’s an underspoken, peaceful quality about his music which is uplifting, convincing us that peace is possible. Building a reputation as one of the top beat makers in the South East, Deflon is the truth.  

Recorded, mixed and arranged by Derrick Curtis

Purchase Darker Than Black By Deflon Here:



Also be on the lookout for his collabo beat duo w/ Panther God, The Mighty Jungle.  A super beat duo currently finishing up their debut EP.


Panther God's Compositemix!

Panther God x Lab Coat Podcast

For the 7th Installment of the Lab Coat Podcast series Panther God has stepped up with a 45 min. taste of his sonic delicatessen.  Featuring a slew of new and reworked original tracks and remixes from his growing arsenal, this collection highlights both his range and sonic dexterity.  Although rooted in futuristic instrumental Hip Hop, Panther God isn't afraid to examine other curious strains of dance music...we even get a taste of his new four to the floor project - Portugal By Day, via a remix by the red hot German producer Glenn Astro.  Panther God brought some other friends along for the ride too, including Machinedrum, P.U.D.G.E, Hovatron, Mindelixir, and more!  If you've never heard or seen Panther God, this is a proper introduction, spanning over 2 years of his productions and favorites, which he's lovingly blended for you.

Download FREE MIX here for a limited time!

Compositemix Tracklist

1. Panther God - Jehova 84
2. Panther God - Dreamatone
3. PUDGE - Sweetseason
4. Panther God - Miami Radio Interlude
5. Panther God - That's The Way
6. Panther God - Brokknee
7. Panther God - Rectify
8. Miles Benjamin - Chop That Wood
9. Hovatron - High Tech Burrito
10. Machinedrum - Late Night Operation
11. Joy O - Jels
12. Panther God - A Cold Winter's Night
13. Panther God ft. Miranda Rae - Foliage
14. Portugal By Day -  If Love (Glenn Astro Rmx)
15.  T8R & Panther God - Rock Me Softly (Arkopian Rmx)
16. Hurtdeer - Feeling Shit Pulse
17. Mindelixir - Why I'm Easy
18. Earl Sweatshirt - Drop (Panther God Refuxxx)
19. Africa Hitech - Out In The Streets

Download here for a limited time!
Reposted from the Lab Coat Site....special thanks to Isaac and everyone involved!

Panther God - Compositemix (Lab Coat Podcast) by Panther God


Panther God Interview

Recently the Circuitree Records founder and label boss sat down for a rare interview with Matty Bones of RYB to discuss his humble beginnings in the Miami music scene, Asheville, and the origins of Circuitree.  Reposted from the RYB blog here.


Matty Bones: Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from, when did you discover your passion for music?

Panther God: I was born in Iowa, moved to South Florida at a young age…ending up in Miami to go to college for painting and while there got more and more into rapping and producing.  By the time I graduated, I knew I wanted to do music full time.

M.B: Are there any artists or labels that you admire or look to as leaders in the scene?

P.G: I guess it depends on which scene, as I love a ton of different types of music, electronic and non.  In America you have to recognize the Brainfeeder crew, then there's people like Machinedrum, Jimmy Edgar, Richard Devine and such that have been doing this thing for a long time, steadily pushing themselves musically while growing a fanbase.  I was also really inspired by the IDM scene in Miami revolving around the label Schematic.  Those guys were very helpful and acted as educators to me early on…although to be honest, I got into music very late in the game.  I didn't even start until I was 21 or so.  Around age 24 I met a guy, Nicholas Raftis aka Axiom Crux, whom I've been super good pals with for a long time.  He taught me a lot about production and still inspires me.  There's also a great musical scene here in Asheville with a ton of talented producers making top notch tunes…and I can't forget Kent Hernandez who is one half of Circuitree and a big influence on me musically.  There's way too many people to list really.  I'm very into the music that comes out of London too, including stuff by Floating Points, Burial, Hurtdeer, Duskky, Second Line and the whole Broken Bubble crew.  Atlanta has a really strong scene right now…watch for heRobust, T8R, Distal….I could go on all day.


M.B: You got your start in Miami, tell us a little about how that shaped you musical tastes, did you find that you were drawn to electronic music seeing as Miami has such a vibrant community of DJs and Producers?

P.G: Like I said Miami had this IDM thing going on which was really about exploring what was possible with electronic music, seeing how far one could take sound, using computers and synths.  People like Otto Von Schirach, Dino Felipe, Phoenecia and Richard Devine were making very cutting edge music before I even got started, and if you lived in Miami and were awake, you were aware of their influence.

On the other hand I'd say Miami isn't the greatest place to BE a musician.  In fact most of the better known Miamians had to move to another city to gain any sort of recognition.  You can be very well known in Miami and virtually unknown to the rest of the world.  Miami is also more concerned with what is going on outside of Miami as opposed to nurturing the talent that is there.  I don't really play Miami anymore…they could give a fuck about me at this point. 

M.B: So you live in Asheville now, correct? Absolutely beautiful in the Blue Ridge Mountains, how does the electronic culture compare to Miami? Has it evolved during the time you have lived there?

P.G:  I had to move to be able to grow with my career;  it's the best thing I ever did.  Asheville's  scene is way stronger despite being a group of say 100 serious artists and only 60,000 residents.  Producers like Peripheral, EmE, Bookworm, Jables, Futexture, Aligning Minds, RBTS, Nigel One, Don Winsley, Marley Caroll, Woodwork, Samuel Paradise….there's a band called Sonmi who are totally amazing.  The list goes on and I'm sure I forgot someone who will be pissed.  There's also a bunch of guys right outside of Asheville like Prof.Logik, 10th Letter, Kwala, Nice-Icles, Sunday Morningg, and Deflon who are all amazing that roll through quite often and perform.   Charlotte has a dope music scene too, led by Mindelixir and crew.

As far as it's evolution goes, the Trinumeral Fest, Moogfest and Bass Church have really changed the South Eastern musical landscape and helped to put Asheville and it's surrounding region on the map, although it's still in it's infancy as far as being known as a place that produces great talent.  I'm trying to help change that.  But yah, it trums Miami in terms of places to play, fans, support, and all that.  It does need a few actual "club" settings though, which Miami has an abundance of.  More than anything it needs some amazing sound systems.  The best one (in Asheville) currently, in my humble opinion is at the Asheville Music hall, but even it pales in comparison to something you'd find at a big club in Miami.

M.B: And how is Circuitree's music received by the community in Asheville?


 P.G: I feel like it's been well received.  A lot of people here were really into Miranda Rae of Sleepover when we put out their record.  She's gone on to do a few collabos with Peripheral (a very talented local producer), and has one coming up with Bookworm, amongst others.  Kentsoundz is going to come up for his second show here soon, so that'll be fun.  We've released a handful of tracks by Nigel One, Peripheral, Prof.Logik, Mindelixir...a few other "locals."   Tried to do more but have had some issues signing artists up here mainly because they've been a bit paranoid that we're gonna steal the rights to their music or their soul or something, which is absurd considering how much money we've lost doing this label and how much time I've invested in other people's careers, when I could be doing my own thing.  To be honest, Panther God is going to be my main focus soon.  I owe it to myself and to the people who believe in me / support me.

M.B: Let’s talk more about the label, when did you come up with the idea to start Circuitree Records, do you have any partners or is it just you?

P.G: I started Circuitree Records around 2005 or 2006 with the release of my first EP as PG-13, which actually ended up landing me "Best Electronica Artist of 2007" as named by the Miami New Times.  That was totally unexpected.  Anyway at the time I was working at this record store and the owner was like, "hey you should meet my room mate Kent…he's an awesome producer and you might want to work with him."  He stopped by the record store while I was working one night and gave me a cd, and I gave him a cd or two.  What he handed me ended up being amazing, and he dug what I was doing too, so we started this hip hop group, Junc Ops, in which I would rap and he would produce.  It took about a year and a half or more to make an LP (2013 was the title), and when it was time to release it, Kent got on board with the label and we've been partners ever since.  There's a whole lot more to the story which I can't get into but essentially we've made a lot of great art together and he's done all the artwork for the label minus the first EP, which was done by a friend Jiae Hwang, who was very supportive of the label before I met Kent.  I have to thank her for sure too.

One thing I would like to mention is that when we realized that no one else was going to help us with the release of our record,  we just took our destiny into our own hands and launched a label.  We knew we could either put our careers in the hands of other people, or we could learn about the industry and just do it ourselves.  I tell a lot of artists to plant their own seeds as opposed to waiting for other people to make them a star.  You have to do the work and just hope people want to get involved and help out, but most likely that won't happen and you'll end up having to do 90 per cent of everything alone, or in my case, with a very talented partner who is also a dear friend.

At this point we are 32 releases deep and have worked with a ton of very talented people such as Machinedrum, 000, Jimmy Edgar, Phoenecia, Jacque Polynice, Luke Vibert…on and on. We are very grateful for all the opportunities we've had along the way.  I have to thank Nico (Axiom Crux) and Matt (Wake) too because they have both helped in a big way to keep this thing from sinking! 


M.B: Very cool. You have evolved your name over the years and have landed on Panther God, pretty bad ass if you ask me. What led you to this rad, powerful name?

P.G:  I was sick of calling myself PG-13 because it sounded so childish.  This was 2007-8, and I was looking to re-brand myself in a sense although I couldn't choose a new name to go by. On my 27th birthday I ate a bunch of mushrooms and hung out in Kent's backyard for 4 or 5 hours, just working out some inner "stuff."  At one point, I shot up this 20-30 ft. tall rope hanging from a tree with what was for me an incredible amount of courage and speed.  While doing this a Jaguar spirit was present within, and I told Kent about it.  We'd joke about the Jaguar Lord and at one point, while at the Trinumeral Festival in Asheville (08) performing together as Junc Ops, Kent said to me, "NO, MAN IT'S PANTHER GOD."  It was kinda obvious since I was PG-13, my initials are P.G. and…well you get it.  But he named me, and all the time people tell me it's a cool name, although it's a lot to live up to.  I don't feel like I have, yet.

M.B: You allow customers to set their own price for much of the music available on Circuitree, why did you decide to release your music in this way?

P.G: Because not too many people buy music anyway I guess.  Plus if they can steal it, I might as well give them the option to pay whatever they can.  Some people pay more than 99 cents a track, some people don't pay at all-which is fine.  Having a label these days isn't about money, it's more about community and networking.


M.B: Speaking of the releases, who does your album artwork, it's very cool.

P.G: Kent Hernandez does it all.  He's a badass designer and makes 10 times more than I do as a musician doing his design work.  I picked the wrong career to make living at, hehe.

M.B: Is Circuitree aligned with any other labels, if so, do you have any collaborations planned?

We've worked with Jasmin Blasco over at Catalog Records (who goes by The Pearl and is releasing that project on Circuitree currently).  His label was something like our sister label for a while and Jasmin has been super supportive of Circuitree in many ways (thanks dude!).  He actually co-released our first compilation, Silicon Graffiti and helped us get our project off the ground in 2008.  We've also got friends doing this label in L.A. called Proximal Records led by Carl Burgin (Say Uhns) and Matt Hettich (Wake).  They are really awesome and hard working people who have actually released a few Panther God tunes along with loads of other great music.  There's also a label called Broken Bubble, out of London, which is one of my favorite labels out there right now.  They do this futuristic UK dance music in the vein of Burial and the like.  I've got a collabo with an Atlanta based artist T8R coming out just now on that label.


M.B: Lastly, any new releases or artists you are excited to talk about, from Circuitree or just in general?

Mindelixir - Why I'm Easy EP
Hurtdeer - Meraki EP
The Pearl ft. Distal - Flesh Eater's 7"

These are the three latest ones we've put out and I think they are amazing.  I'm very picky about the tracks and I spent a lot of time picking the tracks on them.  We've also got a remix LP coming from Kentsoundz and an EP from Deflon which I'm excited about!  This will probably be the last year we are going to release other artists' works though...it's just so much work and most of the time I feel like a failure at promoting.  It's always an inner battle between focus on my own career and someone else's.  I'd rather bow out now while we're ahead.

M.B: Thanks again, and we wish you the best!

P.G: Cheers!

Photos by Micah Mckenzie, Shaun Sic Images, and Kent Hernandez

Deflon in HD!

SHADES of TOMORROW: DEFLON Interview (HD Rough Cut) Directed by Marquis Bradshaw from Marquis Bradshaw on Vimeo.


New Mindelixir EP Out Now!

From a cephalopod infested future comes the next installation of Mindelixir’s sound: 2 heady bangers engineered to make make the liquor flow. This is glowing dance floor food. There’s a silky smooth liquid vibe here with plenty of stripped down, intricate 808 patterns and tom fills to make crowds sway like sea life. Why I’m Easy is an Atlantean Sci-Fi interpretation of UK Funky as produced by Too Short’s mutant cousin, Mindelixir. 

Why I’m Easy
Release: July 22nd

1. Why I’m Easy
2. Future

Beatport / iTunes / Juno 


Jimmy Edgar and More in London!

Friday 29 June 2012
22.00 – 07.00
Hidden // London


Champions of influential electronica, Blink invites Hypercolour’s experimental house & techno
sister label – Glass Table - to Hidden on June 29th. Detroit native Jimmy Edgar plays his
first London show since the release of his acclaimed Majenta album on Scuba’s Hotflush
alongside Catz N Dogz with their signature brand of hip hop and disco-fuelled deep house.
Detroit’s very own Kyle Hall makes a special appearance, whilst house & techno innovators
Tom Demac and Ste Roberts will be pushing musical boundaries forward.

2nd Drop Records celebrate their landmark fifth birthday with striking crossover UK techno
artists, DjRum and South London Ordnance, sonic sculptor Pedestrian and the stripped-back
percussive Tessela. Support comes from residents of forward-thinking club night, Trix.

From Brighton to Berlin, Blink is unifying electronica’s elite.

Jimmy Edgar
Kyle Hall
Catz N Dogz
Tom Demac (live)
Ste Roberts

South London Ordnance

TRIX Residents
Finn // Cropper // Sol

TICKETS http://bitly.com/GlassTable
£8 // £10 // £12.50 Advance // More OTD

Hidden – 100 Tinworth Street, London SE11 5EQ
Closest tube/mainline station: Vauxhall